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For that perfect kitchen paint job in your London home, and house painting that guarantees a stunning finish, Crest are the company to call.

From choosing bedroom paint to uplift your London sleeping quarters, to interior painting that can transform your old look and bring new life to your house, we can deliver the interior painting work that you’ll love.

Our high quality kitchen paint is both safe and stylish, whether a matt or gloss finish, and our reputation as a painting company is based on this, as well as the professional customer service and dedicated tradesmen that we offer.

Crest: Our Impeccable Interior Painting Services

Our house painting team in London performs a number of steps to ensure that your home is adequately protected from paint splatters before they start your house painting.  Our interior painting crew will lay dust sheets, covers, and adhesive sheeting to provide your home with the protection needed during the house painting.

Once all the curtains, mirrors and pictures have been removed prior to our house painting team arriving, our house painting team will prepare things by:

  • Rubbing down all the surfaces that will undergo interior painting
  • Washing your surfaces down with sugar soap
  • Fillin to ceilings, walls and woodwork where needed
  • Applying painters mate to any gaps between the woodwork and skirtings

If our house panning team in London is going to be working on the exterior of your home as well as doing interior painting, the preparation is similar but may also involve the use of specialist primers, two pack fillers for the woodwork and putty for the window beads.

At Crest, hour room painting and house painting teams in London are guaranteed to transform your home and deliver the stunning results you want.

House Painting Ideas To Give Your Home A Facelift

Exterior House Painting - Front Doors

When it comes to house painting in London, it can really make a difference that you notice each time you walk towards your front door. When your old paint has faded or discolored over time, and paint starts to chip along, you may want a change of colour and house painting in your London home is the solution to all these issues. Exterior painting on your front door will revitalize your entrance and make your doors eye-catching once again. 

House Painting Your Trims

House painting your London property can also be about how your interior trim looks, especially if it is long overdue some touch up work, not just a quick clean. House painting your trims is a great way to give your home a quick but beautiful look that is refreshed and revitalised. 

Interior Painting - Bathroom

With regular moisture, dust accumulation, and the fact that it is one of the most used rooms in the home, if not the most used, house painting in London properties often starts with the bathroom or bathrooms.  With many bathrooms being small, the paint can and does suffer over time. Fortunately, in terms of house painting, you can likely get this particular job done in a day.