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Looking for that perfect kitchen renovation for your London home? Need a fitting that will take your room to the next level? Crest is here to ensure that your kitchen refurbishment is done to your design, and with your satisfaction as our focus.

Our kitchen installation work across London, and our carefully crafted kitchen remodelling projects in houses of all sizes, have helped transform homes.

From the high quality materials, to dedicated and experienced tradesmen, we guarantee our work, and always keep our customers’ design in mind.

When it comes to kitchen refurbishment in London, we’re the company to call.

Trust one of London’s Leading Kitchen Renovation Companies London

With years of industry experience, we specialise in delivering top quality kitchen renovation and kitchen fitting in London. Working closely with our clients, we look for bespoke solutions for all your kitchen fitting needs. Our expert kitchen fitters in London help customers source the best cabinets, doors, and other items, to maximise both value and quality, saving time and money for you, which makes our kitchen makeovers in London so popular.

At Crest, our kitchen fitters across London can also address structural changes to your home, designed to create fresh, open spaces that maximise the natural light in your home, incorporated with stylish kitchen renovation for London homes of all sizes.

Whatever your preferred style of decor, and whatever the reason for your kitchen renovation in London, we offer a full service, from full kitchen renovations to substantial kitchen remodelling jobs. Call Crest, you can trust us to deliver results.


Kitchen Fitters London: Kitchen Refurbishment Professionals

Kitchen fitting and kitchen renovations in London homes is done for many reasons, such as an upgrade or a modernising new look, and we are experts at all kitchen remodelling. Working closely with each customer, we discuss the kitchen refurbishment needs for your London home, discussing everything from colour schemes to materials, and kitchen remodelling designs. Whether you need kitchen renovation to modernize your older London home, or a kitchen refurbishment to maintain traditional stylings, we can help you get it right. For some, changing some cupboards is what their kitchen modelling in London is all about, for others, a larger scale kitchen refurbishment can transform their London home and the way they live.

Whether it’s new worktops or space maximising shelves, our experts can carefully craft the kitchen remodelling that your London home needs, giving you that stunning new look you want. From modern to traditional, we will work with you to ensure that the kitchen renovation in your London home is done professionally, however large or small the project may be.

Quickest and easiest way to enjoy a brand new kitchen

From kitchen appliances breaking down to kitchen cabinet doors falling apart, among other problems that can arise, these are reasons why so many people look to get kitchen renovation work done in their London property. Even if you have no such problems, and just want a lovely upgrade around your home, our kitchen fitters in London can help your kitchen renovation deliver the look you want for your space. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, our kitchen renovation team in London can ensure that your work is done on time and within your budget, with our focus on the highest industry standards for all our kitchen refurbishment work across London. Thanks to years of industry experience, our kitchen fitters in London can advise on structural issues, and offer design advice for those who want to create open spaces with natural light flooding in, something our stylish kitchen remodelling work in London does for homes of all sizes and styles.

From large homes to small, old styles to modern looks, when you decide on a kitchen renovation in your London home, Whatever your preferred style of decor, and whatever the reason for your kitchen renovation in London, we are equipped to deliver a full service range, from full kitchen renovations to substantial kitchen remodeling jobs, we’ll get the look you want and deserve, guranteed.

Kitchen Fitting, Renovation & Refurbishment London


Kitchen renovation work in London homes is often done to solve many problems, and for creating more cooking, entertainment, or storage space. Kitchen remodelling in London can also be for improving dining area options or transforming the interior look as well as practicality of a room. With regard to the cost of kitchen renovation, kitchen refurbishment, or kitchen remodelling in London, it can vary depending on the client requirements, and at Crest we are happy to discuss this with you to get things done.

For many customers, kitchen renovation work in their London home is all about refreshing a tired look, or creating a kitchen remodelling in their London property that reflects their unique style. Whatever you need, our kitchen renovation experts in London will work closely with you to design and deliver the look you want at a price you can appreciate. From traditional kitchen remodelling to new, sleek kitchen installation, our kitchen fitters in London can do it.

While some kitchen remodeling in London is large scale, other jobs allow us to make small changes that deliver a big difference, something our kitchen refurbishment team in London does so well. From a new worktop to some new cupboards, or even the addition of a unit or two for style and storage, our kitchen fitters get London customers the results they want. Maximising space, transforming rooms, and doing kitchen renovation in London homes of all styles and sizes, at Crest, we can do all this and more.

Whatever your taste, whatever design your kitchen renovation in London may be, and regardless of your kitchen refurbishment preferences, let Crest do it on time, and on budget, with results guaranteed to please.

Crest Projects: Leading Kitchen Renovation Specialist in London

When it comes to high quality kitchen fitting in London, Crest Projects is proud to offer specialist service and guaranteed results. Our customer focused approach means we are always working towards creating the kitchen renovation that our London customers always wanted, delivering true value and stunning results.

From the very start of each of our kitchen renovation and kitchen fitting projects in London, we collaborate with customers to source all the necessary furniture independently from the worktops and appliances. This approach allows our kitchen fitters in London to get a wider choice for customers and avoid markups to ensure costs are kept lower.

Not being tied to a particular supplier or manufacturer allows our kitchen fitting work in London to be flexible and bespoke to our customers specifications, allowing them to make the right choice. Additionally, our kitchen fitters working on kitchen renovation projects in London can carry our structural alteration work that may be involved to open up internal spaces or increase the amount of glazing to punch more natural light into new kitchens.

At Crest, we have kitchen renovation teams across London that are highly experienced and equipped to do all the work needed to create your stunning kitchen renovation result. From electrics to color schemes and high end finishes, our kitchen fitters in London will wow you with what they can do.

Benefits of Kitchen Fitting, Renovation & Kitchen Refurbishment in London

When it comes to breathing new life into your home, kitchen refurbishment in your London home can do the trick. Whether a full kitchen renovation in your London home, or some kitchen fitting to modernize your look, updating your kitchen brings real value. Below are five of the most wonderful benefits that a kitchen refurbishment in your London home can deliver.

Improve Functionality

A kitchen fitting in your London house can transform the functionality of what, for many, is the heart of their home. Our kitchen fitters in London know there are many ways you can improve the functionality of your space, such as the addition of more cabinets, or an island to provide more storage solutions.

Add Valuable Living Space

Kitchen renovations in London are often needed to open up living space and address cramped conditions that older kitchens create. An open, airy kitchen renovation in your London home can give space and layout improvements, even combining the kitchen with the dining/living to offer great entertainment opportunities.

Increase the Value of your Home

When it comes to home values, kitchens and bathrooms play a major role in your property’s valuation. Kitchen renovations, or an upgrading kitchen refurbishment in your London home is often a highly advisable way of adding much needed value to your house.

Improve Sustainability

Sustainability is important, and a kitchen renovation in your London home gives the opportunity to upgrade your appliances to more eco-friendly models. From water-saving faucets to new lights, kitchen renovation work in London can help reduce energy costs and your home’s carbon footprints. Kitchen fitting can also include sustainable materials for floors, cabinets, or countertops.

Our Kitchen Remodeling Approach

For kitchen renovation work in London homes, DIY may be an option , but it could end up being more costly. Our expert kitchen fitters in London are here to deliver the kitchen renovation you want, at a price you can appreciate. From the design through to construction, our kitchen fitters in London will deliver quality service and outstanding results.

Kitchen Fitting London Process

When it comes to kitchen fitting in London homes, understanding the order and process is important. Every kitchen fitting or kitchen installation project we do in London includes many different stages in a particular order. Ultimately, you need your kitchen fitters to be working on your schedule, keeping timing issues to a minimum.

Whatever the project, kitchen fitters across London each have their own way of doing things, but the order of kitchen installation work rarely changes.

Here’s what to expect from a  kitchen fitting in your London home.

1. Kitchen Fitters working in Lonodn will usually turn off your water supply at the very start of the kitchen fitting, draining the popes to perform important  pipeline work. With an average kitchen installation job in a London property, the water need only be off at the stop cock for a few hours, reinstalled once pipeline work is completed.

2. Kitchen fitting in London homes continues with the kitchen being stripped out. The kitchen is stripped out, doors, drawers, oven, hob, cornice, lights, wall units, tiles, worktop including sink, plinths and last of all, base units, all done quickly with a bare kitchen result

3. If cable or plumbing needs to be moved, kitchen fitters will do this before patching/floor levelling or skimming walls.

4. Any minor building work is carried out such as building stud walls, moving doorways, taking down walls.

5. Next, kitchen fitters on London projects carry out any “first fix” work, with kitchen fitting involving making any alterations to the plumbing or electrics where needed, work which varies in lengths of time.

6. Kitchen fitters mark out electrics for fused spurs, sockets and switches.

7. Plumbing is extended for sink to suit the new layout of the kitchen installation at your London home.

8. Walls are chased out and back boxes and wiring are fitted in place.

9. Kitchen fitters prepare and plaster walls and ceilings before any required coving is put up.

10. Floor is tiled and grouted or laminate laid.

11. The next stage of kitchen installations in London homes is fitting units. Our kitchen fitters start with base units, starting at the corner and working out and around the room, moving on to the wall units working in a similar way.

12. New worktops and sinks come next in kitchen fitting projects, with worktops cut out to size and jointed, cut outs for sinks and hob made, worktops edged before the final fitting.

13. Kitchen fitters reconnect the sink

14. If wall tiles are to be fitted, now is the optimum stage and time of a kitchen fitting or kitchen installation project in London.

15.Kitchen fitting in London properties of all styles involves fitting cornices, pelmets and infill panels, followed by doors, drawer fronts and plinths.

Our kitchen fitters in London use this part to show their superior professional skills, as badly cut or constructed mitre joints on a cornice for example will spoil the whole kitchen.

16. Install all integrated appliances, connect and test them.

17. Final tile grouting, tidy up and clean.

As stated, kitchen fitting and kitchen installation in London homes is always difficult to be exact with as each job is unique, but 5 working days as a sensible guideline. When it comes to kitchen fitting and kitchen installation, this is the time we allocate for an average sized project or space.

Kitchen Refurbishment & Kitchen Renovation Guide

When you have finalized plans for a kitchen refurbishment at your London home, whether it’s DIY or a professional kitchen fitting job, there are things you need to make sure of before you start. Kitchen fitters in London will keep your place clean and tidy, but moving certain things can help avoid issues that may arise, so it’s always work making your kitchen fitting as stress free as possible.

Before any kitchen fitting work starts, pack dishes and cookware away somewhere safe, ensuring that any kitchen refurbishment work in your London home does not damage these items.

Additionally, pack all potentially fragile kitchen items away in good time, ensuring that the kitchen fitters at your London home have a clear run to get cracking with the work. For kitchen installations in London where no new floor is being installed, protect the existing floor too. Some kitchen installation work in London is done in rooms with hardwood floors or tiles, where we advise covering up for protection.

As well as all the above, before your kitchen refurbishment kitchen fitters arrive at your London property, be sure to move valuables out of the room, from ledges or open areas, as this can help avoid any unfortunate breakages or damages, or even things being misplaced if moved during the kitchen installation project.

Most kitchen fitters in London are professional, and highly careful with customers’s belongings as they work, but doing the above is a way to help, never a bad idea.

Refurbishing Your Kitchen: The Options for Kitchen Fitting in London

Doing a kitchen refurbishment in London is a big job with many elements to consider, but a professional kitchen refurbishment is also a great proposition when set against a full, brand new kitchen installation in London.

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart and hub of the home, and a kitchen refurbishment can transform areas for cooking, entertaining, or storage, be it a new style or updated colour.

Kitchen fitting in London homes has financial,  practical,  and environmental considerations, which is why removing an old kitchen is not always top of a list of things to do. For people looking to sell, it is often advised that a kitchen renovation in their London home could help with adding value and saleability to the property.

For many, it is far more cost effective to get a kitchen refurbishment in their London home than it is to get a new kitchen installation, which is why many people choose this option.

When it comes to a luxurious new kitchen installation in London homes, it can cost thousands of pounds to transform a space. With a kitchen refurbishment, however, London homeowners can still transform the look and usability of their kitchen space with carefully chosen upgrades and changes.

Kitchen Fitting, Kitchen Renovation & Kitchen Installation London

Traditional Kitchen Renovation

From the traditional to the modern, the sleek to the contemporary, our kitchen fitting in London offers the style you want.  When our kitchen fitters in London work on a traditional kitchen they pay attention to every detail, from quality countertops to farmhouse sinks, raised-panel doors, decorative moldings and corbels, so contact us today to discuss your traditional kitchen renovation ideas in London.

Modern Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen fitting in London includes the creation of modern kitchens. Details of our kitchen fitters in London focus on including modern kitchen elements such as flat-panel doors, frameless, full-overlay cabinet construction, consistency of accent pieces, and the modern kitchen fitting emphasis on horizontal lines. If you want a stylish modern kitchen renovation or kitchen refurbishment in your London home, we can help.

Contemporary Kitchen Renovation

A contemporary kitchen renovation in your London home can offer some genuinely stunning results. From cutting-edge appliances to repurposing materials for reimagined use, to the glorious, hidden functionality of pop-up outlets, a contemporary kitchen renovation in your London home can make a real statement, so contact Crest today to discuss your ideas.

Small Kitchen Renovations

When it comes to kitchen fitting in smaller London homes, the smaller size doesn’t mean you can’t have an absolutely stunning kitchen refurbishment. Our Crest kitchen fitters work in smaller London homes frequently and use their expertise to maximize the space and create wonderful results. Contact us to get the ideas rolling.

Cottage Kitchen Renovation

Some of our customers ask our kitchen fitters in London to help them recreate the quintessential country cottage kitchen in their home. Our kitchen installation teams in London can do this with the clever use of elements such as soft colors, open shelving, farmhouse sinks, furniture style cabinetry, hardwood or terracotta tile flooring, and pendant lights.

Rustic Kitchen Renovation

For a rustic kitchen renovation in your London home, our kitchen fitting teams can incorporate materials such as timber, stone, and brick materials, while also looking to source vintage appliances, and fireplaces, so contact us today if this is the look you want.

Kitchen Refurbishments London: Creating Extra Storage Space

When it comes to inspirational kitchen refurbishments in London, Crest is committed to getting the results right, using your goals as our guide. We have a team of experienced kitchen fitters across London who will manage your project from design to the build process, ensuring the results you are promised. With a team of qualified tradesmen, our kitchen makeovers are always guaranteed to deliver great results.

For many of our kitchen refurbishment jobs in London, we use our experienced carpenters to build tailor made timber solutions that are unique to you, as you specify. From cabinet storage to a stunning walk-in pantry our bespoke services make our kitchen renovation work in London truly outstanding and customer focussed.

Our kitchen fitters will show you a range of oak, mahogany, ash or walnut to compliment the final look, as seen in our 3D conceptual drawings, enabling you to alter and perfect every detail for your kitchen renovation work. When you are happy with your choices, our kitchen fitters will use bespoke joinery pieces to create your unique space.

Kitchen Renovation London: Personal Style, Ultimate Satisfaction

At Crest, we understand that kitchen renovation projects in London homes are unique and personal, which is why we focus on all the important elements for your work:

Kitchen Fitting London: Worktops and Kitchen Islands

All our kitchen fitting work in London is done using the highest quality materials, including stone, natural hardwood, granite and marble, each of which can create a kitchen renovation that is truly breathtaking and built to last.

Kitchen Fitting London: Sinks and Taps

Whatever your taste or budget, our kitchen fitters can include a new sink and tap set that gives you the look you want, using the right material, bowl size and tap function that will deliver all your practical needs and usage requirements.

Kitchen Fitting London: Up-Stands and Splash-Backs

We know that kitchen renovation work in London homes is often done to help create a more practical space, especially when it comes to cleaning which is where splash-backs can help. Our kitchen fitting team can show you a range of high-quality glass, granite, marble or quartz so that they match the rest of your bespoke kitchen design. Easy cleaning with style.