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The best Bathroom Renovation & Bathroom Installation in London and Nearby Suburbs

At Crest Projects Ltd., we offer experience, reliability, and a reputation that you can trust. For over 20 years, our bathroom renovation and bathroom installation work in London has satisfied customers and delivered results. Whether it’s a small bathroom remodel job in your London flat, or a large scale bathroom remodelling job in a large London property, our bathroom builders work with clients and keep their requirements in focus at all times.

When it comes to bathroom design and installation, we help customers make the right choice for their space. From traditional to contemporary, brick to timber or stone, our house refurbishments are done with the best quality materials, at a cost-effective price that you will be happy with. We know that bathroom makeovers in London can transform your living space, adding style and value to your property, and it’s that creative process that remains our mission.

Our experience allows us to work on small bathroom remodel jobs, as well as all other bathroom refurbishment and bathroom installation projects, done by highly trained local bathroom fitters in London, guaranteeing a bathroom fitting you will be proud of. For a bathroom makeover in London, Crest are here to design and deliver.

Why choose our Bathroom Fitting & Bathroom Remodeling Contractors in London and Other Suburbs

For bathroom fitting in London you can trust, Crest have you covered. Our years of experience, setting industry standards, gives customers peace of mind. As our bathroom renovation work in London showcases, we are committed to working with clients to get their bathroom renovation right, creating transformative bathroom makeovers.

Renovations that Revive

When it comes to bathroom design and installation in London homes, we deliver. Our expert bathroom builders have experience across London, creating bathroom renovations that revive and reinvigorate property interiors.

Maximising Makeovers

Taking your property to the next level often starts with a bathroom renovation. With a portfolio of projects, our ability to carefully craft bathroom makeovers in London houses, is clear, as is our commitment to quality finishing. When you choose us for your bathroom modelling work in London, we’ll maximise the benefits.

Designs that Deliver

It’s not always easy getting the right bathroom design and installation in London, but our bathroom builders will deliver your design, and transform your home.

Bathrooms Built to Last

It’s not just the quality of our materials that make us a trusted company, it’s our bathroom builders in London. Experienced teams, making cost-effective decisions, making your bathroom renovation guaranteed to last.

We provide Professional Bathroom Fitting, Bathroom Renovation, Bathroom Installation & Bathroom Makeovers in London – Check it out!

Bathroom Fitting

When it comes to bathroom fitting in London, Crest offers experience and quality that customers can trust. Working closely with clients, we help you create your perfect bathroom renovation and ensure a bathroom installation that fits your home and your budget.

Our cost-effective solutions offer bathroom remodelling solutions for all types of properties. Whether it’s bathroom makeovers for London’s historic homes, or bathroom design and installation for a new flat in London’s trendy neighbourhoods, our bathroom contractors work with all clients in London to guarantee satisfaction.

Calling in the professionals for your bathroom fitting in London will give you peace of mind, as well as the knowledge that your bathroom renovation will be of a high industry standard, with a design that you select, keeping you in the loop at all times.

Our local bathroom fitters in London are professional and dedicated, ready to get your project moving, delivering results.

Bathroom Renovation

From a bathroom renovation to transform your London home, to a bathroom refurbishment that brings a contemporary feel to an older property, our local bathroom fitters are up to the job.

Using our years of experience, and high quality materials, and professional dedication, our bathroom renovations in London offer tailor-made solutions to create the space that customers want. Whatever the design needs, we work with customers to build bathroom refurbishments that are designed to delight.
From small bathroom renovations making the most of a space, to s small bathroom remodel in an old London property, designed to bring the home into the 21st century, our local bathroom fitters create new looks that reflect your choice, your design, and your needs.

With our portfolio of projects, we are able to show how bathroom renovations in London should be done, and why customers use us for bathroom refurbishments time and time again.

Bathroom Installation

Our years of experience in bathroom installation in London has shown us that customers come first, every time. From large scale bathroom installations in London’s bigger properties, to bathroom makeovers designed to make the most of smaller London homes, we’ve done it all.

When it comes to bathroom remodelling in London, it starts with design. Every bathroom installation customer in London has their own requirements, and everyone looking to create a bathroom makeover has their own vision.

Our mission is to work closely with customers, help them work out the best bathroom design and installation plan for their individual London project, and ultimately deliver what they want. Working with our bathroom builders in London will give you the confidence you need, at a cost-effective price, and with our industry leading guarantee.

Deciding on a bathroom renovation in London can be tricky, so let us take the stress out of it.

Bathroom Makeovers

From stylish bathroom installations in leafly London neighborhoods, to a bathroom refurbishment in a small London flat, our experience in the industry can deliver the results you want.

Our experienced and dedicated bathroom builders in London always work closely with customers, discussing and designing all bathroom makeovers, and aiming to create a space that clients love. Stunning finishes, and designs that enhance your usable space, our bathroom makeovers help London home owners make the most of their property.

Bathroom design and installation projects in London are never one size fits all, and our portfolio of bathroom makeovers work shows our commitment to bespoke solutions. Using high quality materials, cost-effective building methods, our bathroom refurbishment and bathroom makeovers in London homes both transform spaces, and give guaranteed value for money.

When it’s time to take the building plunge, let our bathroom builders in London take your property to the next level.

Crest Projects Bathroom Fitters London

bathroom design and installation London

When it comes to bathroom fitting in London, we deliver quality. Working closely with companies that offer high quality bathroom supplies, our bathroom installation work in London is both trusted and guaranteed.

Whatever the scale of your project, bathroom fitting and bathroom remodelling in London homes requires both serious planning and trusted expertise, which is where we excel. Combining functionality with aesthetics, bathroom fitting with us gets you both the look and feel you want, as we know people’s homes are important to them.

Using experienced project teams and managers, our bathroom fitting work in London is carefully crafted and done to industry leading standards, keeping customers informed at every stage, and ensuring minimal disruption to the rest of your home

Working to deliver for all our clients, we aim to please with all our bathroom fitting in London, leaving you to enjoy your new space for many years.

Dos and Don'ts of a Bathroom Fitting, Bathroom Renovation & Refurbishment London

Do choose the right surfaces for a bathroom.

When it comes to bathroom renovation and bathroom fitting in your London home, choosing the best surfaces is not just about aesthetics; bathroom remodelling surface choices are also linked to how they are able to handle plenty of moisture.

For many of our bathroom fitting jobs in London, porcelain tile is a favorite among bathroom designers, not just for flooring, but with walls and sinks and other bathroom makeovers. This is because it resists staining, bacteria and odors, and for many bathroom makeovers in London, we suggest larger tiles to minimize grout lines and make upkeep easier.

Do remember to follow all local building codes and have inspections done.

If your bathroom remodelling project in London is DIY, you may be tempted to skip the often-pricey permits and inspections, but this is not a good idea for bathroom makeovers in London homes. Short cuts can result in costly mishaps for bathroom installation or renovation work in London homes, such as faulty wiring that results in a fire or leaking plumbing leaking through your ceiling. If you hire a professional bathroom installation contractor in London, they will most likely handle permits and inspections.

Do Remember to add Storage

For many who undertake bathroom renovation work in their London homes, reducing storage to make room for a walk-in shower or a large vanity is a choice they make, but often regret. With all bathroom renovation, bathroom installation or bathroom remodelling work in London properties, considering where to keep bathroom essentials must be part of the project plan.

Do make a design plan for your bathroom

With most things, and bathroom renovation in London is included in this, planning is key, and should be there to guide and focus your bathroom remodelling. As a professional company that has done many bathroom remodeling and bathroom renovation projects in London properties of all styles and sizes, we will ensure that customer approved designs and plans are carefully crafted before we start the work.

Don’t keep changing your mind after you get started

To get your bathroom renovation and bathroom installation right at your London home, having a focus on your choice is critical, and changing your mind mid-project can be hugely problematic. With all bathroom renovations in London, once designs are finalized, and materials are on order, subsequent changes are likely to add avoidable time and money to your bathroom renovation project.

Don’t Overcrowd your Bathroom

As we know, as a company with a large portfolio of bathroom renovation jobs in London, each bathroom only has so much usable square footage, so planning a bathroom remodelling design carefully is critical. When you work with Crest, our bathroom remodelling and bathroom makeovers team in London will work closely with customers to maximise potential, open up space, and make the room feel spacious not cluttered, roomy not tight.

Bathroom Fitting, Renovation & Installation
All Styles Of Bathroom Refurbished London

When it comes to bathroom renovation and bathroom remodelling in London, the choice of styles is almost endless. From glorious, traditional Victorian style bathroom makeovers in grand London townhouses, to modern, sleek bathroom design and installation work in London loft apartments, it’s about personal taste and creating the look customers want, which is what we do.

From start to finish, our bathroom renovation projects in London give customers superb customer service and professional advice. For those who need help deciding on bathroom installation work, and what style may work for their home, our bathroom renovation teams in London are there to help and offer suggestions.

Our years of professional industry experience ensure that our bathroom design and installation services in London are designed to help customers make informed decisions that embrace their stylistic preferences. Whether a colour scheme or a layout issue, we offer bathroom fitting for London properties of all sizes and styles, and finishes that guarantee customer satisfaction.

We offer clear, no commitment quotes for all bathroom renovation work in London, so let’s save you time and money and get your work started. Contact us today for all your bathroom installation needs in London, and let Crest give you the look your home deserves.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Fitting in London

How long does a bathroom remodeling typically take from start to finish?

When it comes to bathroom remodelling in London, the time it takes varies. From the square footage of the room to the units, bathroom renovation is never one size fits all. For some, the bathroom fitting is more complicated, for other bathroom remodelling, London customers need a smaller job, but times always vary

What Type of Tile is Available For Use In My Remodeled Bathroom?

For our bathroom renovation projects in London, three major types of tiles are available. Most popular in terms of stone tiles is Travertine, used in many of our bathroom renovation jobs in London homes. Every bathroom remodelling job in London is different, so we use different stones for different looks. Popular for look, durability and low maintenance upkeep, porcelain tile is a popular choice with our bathroom renovation clients in London, often used to create a modern style. Bathroom remodelling can also use ceramic tiles for a traditional look.

Where Do I Start Planning My Bathroom Remodel?

For our bathroom renovation and bathroom remodelling projects in London, the design phase comes first, helping customers finalize the look they want.. Our bathroom fitting teams in London always work toward what our customers tell us. From floor plans to cabinet styles and counter options, bathroom renovation in London is about planning and details.

Can I Add An Open Shower To My Bathroom?

When it comes to bathroom fitting and bathroom renovation in larger London homes, open showers are ideal. Our bathroom remodeling contractors in London are equipped to design and redesign floor plans to include this in the style you want. For smaller rooms, our bathroom fitting in London will help maximise the space for convenience, with things such as frameless glass shower doors.

What Is Luxury Bathroom Remodeling?

Many of our clients want a luxury bathroom remodeling job in their London home, often in spacious bathrooms. Thanks to our years of bathroom fitting  experience in London, we can deliver transformative results for opulent bathrooms, always focussed on keeping clients happy. Our bathroom renovation service in London includes consultations before any work is done, to ensure you get the luxury look you want and deserve.

For all your luxury bathroom fitting and high end bathroom renovation work in London, contacting us is the first thing to do. Whether it’s a full space, lavish bathroom installation in a large London townhouse, or a smaller bathroom refurbishment to luxuriously update the bathroom in your London flat, we will get you the look you want at a price you can appreciate.

Does Bath Remodeling Add Value To A Home?

In terms of adding value to your property, having a bathroom renovation or bathroom remodelling done in your London home is a really great option. From improving or modernising the style to adding new and enhanced plumbing and electrical fixtures, bathroom remodelling and bathroom fitting in London can make a significant difference to the market value of your home.

Though bathroom fitting, bathroom renovation or bathroom remodelling may cost in the first instance, it can really pay off when you decide to sell.

Crest Bathroom Fitting London
– Furnishing your new bathroom

When it comes to bathroom fitting in London, it’s a choice between DIY or professional help for all your work. Many of our bathroom renovation projects in London start with customers using their existing bathroom as a template, eventually creating a space that enhances their lifestyle.

Whether large or small spaces, bathroom fitting in London has to allow for storage space for things including towels and other toiletries, which is why we work this into our design for any bathroom renovation work. Inspiration for bathroom makeovers in London can be gained from Pinterest, websites, or professional designers and stylists.

For many bathroom renovation projects in London, deciding between a bath or a wet room is an important element, where for other bathroom remodelling work in London lighting can be the critical issue, from back-lighting mirrors to lit ‘feature walls’.

More adventurous bathroom renovation projects in London can include adding a TV or flush-mounted speakers to listen to your music wirelessly, creating a unique relaxation space for your home. Other complete bathroom makeovers in London can even deliver a
home spa, adding that touch of luxury that can totally transform a space.

Whatever your style or taste, or the scale of your work, contact us for all your bathroom fitting, bathroom renovation, and bathroom installation projects in London.

Bathroom refurbishment & Bathroom
Fitting London: Where do I start ?

Whether it’s a new family bathroom in your London townhouse, or a luxurious, en-suite or wet room to transform your London property, our bathroom refurbishment experts are here to share some tips.

Though bathroom fitting in London can be cheaper if you do the work yourself, the time, stress, and difficulty of a bathroom refurbishment project in London should not be underestimated. For all bathroom refurbishment work in London, gas and electric elements should be done by professionals, as safety is both critical to you and your family.

During a bathroom refurbishment or bathroom renovation in your London home, be sure to check guarantees for all products you will be using, including sealant and grouting, to help avoid later issues.

For practical purposes, during all bathroom fitting and bathroom refurbishment work in London properties, carefully consider a realistic time frame for the work, and with professional bathroom fitting teams in London, be sure to get that decided to help minimize disruption during the project.