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    When it comes to house extensions in London, we’re the company to trust.

    From kitchen extensions that transform the heart of the home, to loft extensions that add space, style, and value to your property, our extensions builders will deliver the look and design that you want.

    Our years of industry experience, and our impressive portfolio of house extensions right mean that you can rely on us to deliver your project on time, on budget, keeping customers happy at every turn.

    Extensions are our business, so contact us to get your project rolling.

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    Highest Quality Work
    home extensions London

    Crest Projects provide the highest quality House Extensions, Kitchen Extensions & Loft Extensions London. Check our wide range of services!

    House Extensions London

    From adding value to your property, to creating more living space for your family, our house extensions in London can deliver what you need. Whether it’s a stylish and room loft extension London, or a rear extension to give you more work space, our experience will help you get it right.

    Full Home Refurbishment London

    House renovation in London can be about space, value, or simply transforming your lovely home. Whatever your reason for a home renovation in London, we are here to help you realise your dream, and create the space that you have always wanted. Call us to get your home renovation started.

    Bathroom Refurbishment London

    From bathroom fitting in a new London flat, to large scale bathroom renovation in one of London’s bigger, historic homes, our experience is what you need. Getting a carefully crafted solution for your bathroom renovation is about design, space, and aesthetics. We are here to deliver all your bathroom refurbishment needs.

    Kitchen Refurbishment London

    Creating that perfect kitchen renovation in your London home can transform the heart of your house. Our teams will look at all the best kitchen fitting solutions, and ensure that your kitchen refurbishment creates a new look, and a great space. Kitchen refurbishment in London, it’s what we do best.

    Painting London

    From a gloss finish, to that matt look you’ve always wanted, our high quality kitchen paint and house painting in London is guaranteed to deliver. Our experts will help you select the right bedroom paint for your London home, and ensure that all your room painting is done to perfection.

    Cost Effective Home and Loft Extensions with Our Experts

    House extensions in London can be incredibly cost effective, changing homes for the better in many ways. As London house prices increase, many homeowners are unable to stretch to the cost of a new property, so house extensions in London are their next best option. Whether it’s kitchen extensions in London townhouses, or a rear extension in London terraces, the extra space created can add the much needed space that people need without breaking the budget.

    Getting in touch with our expert extension builders in London can help you decide what is best for your home. With kitchen extensions, rear extensions or loft extensions London, planning and designing are critical to the final product, and care must be taken with regard to decor and finishing. Our extension builders across London pride themself on delivering work of the highest quality, creating some of the most sought after house extensions in London.

    It doesn’t matter what your project is, from large house extensions in London to  kitchen extensions or rear extension work, we will create a bespoke project plan and keep you informed every step of the way. Working closely with each client, we devise project plans and designs that work to your requirements, adhering to the highest building standards and council planning regulations. Our fixed price options mean our house extensions and loft conversions London are both time and cost effective.

    Alongside dedicated project managers, your house extensions builders anywhere in London will keep you posted on progress, and work towards the results you want and deserve.


    Fantastic Solutions for expanding your Living Space


    When it comes to expanding and transforming living spaces, house extensions in London can revolutionize your home. Without the need to move, kitchen extensions, rear extensions and loft extensions in London properties can make you feel like your home is new, removing the need to venture into a challenging London property market, so saving time and money.

    Our expert house extensions builders across London will work with you to detail your vision and requirements, as we know that house extensions are both personal and private in terms of space and preferences, interior and exterior.

    With a portfolio of house extensions, kitchen extensions, rear extensions and loft extensions in London, we are able to showcase our expertise in transforming properties of all sizes and styles, creating stunning spaces that both inspire and impress. When building house extensions on London properties, there are multiple benefits to be enjoyed, beyond creating more space, that include more natural light, the maximisation of both indoor and outdoor spaces, rejuvenated character and even adding value to the resale price of your property.

    When you decide you want to look at house extensions, browse through our online portfolio, where you can find everything from stunning kitchen extensions to rear extensions, and loft extensions London homes that revolutionize the way people live. From wrap around side extensions to kitchen extensions, London is our turf and the people of the city continue to transform their homes with our help, as you can see from designs on our site.

    As soon as you need advice, or have decided on the house extension work you want, contact us without delay, so that we can advise, guide, design and deliver. All our house extensions in London are overseen by experienced project managers, so that you can be informed of what is being done, and receive our industry leading guarantee of satisfaction.

    Why choose our House Extensions Contractors

    House extensions in London can mean the difference between staying in a house you love, or having to move when you need more space. Whether kitchen extensions to create an open plan space, or a loft extensions London to add another bedroom or bathroom, our house extensions can deliver.

    Transforming House Extensions and Loft Conversions London

    Crest has a portfolio that shows how we can transform homes. From kitchen extensions in terraced houses, to loft conversion London that add an extra bedroom and en suite, our house extensions maximise space and deliver results that homeowners love.

    Our experienced extension builders in London always keep customers informed, and use high quality materials that create stunning house extensions, gorgeous kitchen extensions, that add add style and space to any home.

    When you decide to have a house extension in your London home, we’ll help you with a tailor made solution that fits the bill, every time.

    Kitchen Extensions to Impress

    For so many families, kitchen extensions in London represent a completely new way of life, creating a heart of the home and an entertainment space that is practical and impressive.

    Our extension builders in London like to ensure that customer designs remain the focus of all our projects, and that all house extensions work is done to the highest standard.

    Whether we are doing kitchen extensions in old London homes that are needed to modernise, or a kitchen extensions that include a rear extension to deliver a stunning open plan space for the whole family to enjoy, we guarantee results.

    Build to Last, Designed to Deliver

    When it comes to house extensions in London, Crest is the company to call. From our kitchen extensions in grand London homes, to our rear extensions in London terraced houses, our work is built to last, and designed to deliver exactly what customers want.

    With teams of experienced extension builders in London, we are able to create the space you want, at a price you can appreciate, whether that’s a rear extension, a large scale house extension, or a loft extension that will add space and value to your home.

    For house extensions in London, let Crest build for success.

    We provide Professional House Extensions

    House Extensions

    House extensions in London are big business, in a city where land is at a premium. At Crest, we are known for delivering house extensions in London that both maximise space, and give value for money.

    Our years of industry experience, and portfolio of house extensions in London showcase our quality results, and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Each of our house extensions in London is done to exacting standards, with customer requirements as our focus.

    From kitchen extensions in London terraces, to loft extensions in London’s suburbia, our work offers style, space, and results that will transform your home. 

    Using only the most experienced and dedicated extension builders in London, we pride ourselves on giving every project the finest house extension builders in London, building our reputation on customer satisfaction.

    Whether it’s a space creating rear extension, or modern kitchen extensions that open out your entire home, call Crest.


    Kitchen Extensions

    Kitchen extensions in London can transform the heart of a home, and create a truly stunning entertainment space for friends and family. Crest is renowned for helping people design house extensions in London, from smaller plots to larger scale properties, and kitchen extensions are one of the most popular projects. Each person has bespoke needs for their space, and with all our kitchen extensions in London we work closely with customers to ensure that they get the results that they want, at a price they can appreciate.

    From turning old spaces into stylish new, open plan rooms, to greatly extending the footprint of a home, our kitchen extensions in London deliver the right solutions for the appropriate space.

    Our talented tradesmen are some of the hardest working extension builders in London, who work with customers to deliver the designs they want, and the results they deserve. Call Crest, let’s build.

    kitchen fitting kitchen fitters

    Loft Extensions London

    With property at a premium, and prices always a consideration, our loft extensions London offer homeowners the chance to build their property up, and add value to their home.

    House extensions in London come in all sizes, and are done to all kinds of specifications, which is where Crest comes in. With extension builders that are experienced, and focus on customer design and satisfaction, our loft conversions London are guaranteed to deliver and please.

    Our large and growing portfolio of loft extensions in London help customers make the most of their property by adding space and value to their existing home.

    From loft extensions in London terraced houses, to larger loft extensions in London properties with a bigger existing footprint, our house extension builders will create the space you need for a price you will appreciate. For all loft extensions London, Crest is the company to trust.

    home extensions London

    Rear extension

    Whether it’s to create more entertainment places for your family and friends, or extra storage for a growing family, getting a rear extension in London can transform your home and add value to your property.

    Our house extensions in London are designed and built to give you the room you want, and tailor made for the purpose you need. Rear extensions in London not only give people more flexible living options, they transform the way people can live in their property.

    Using high quality materials, and focusing on customer requirements, our rear extensions in London for an important part of larger house extensions.

    Crest’s house extension builders in London are experienced and committed, and known for delivering completed projects on time and within budget. With rear extensions in London becoming more popular as people look to add to their home rather than moving, don’t delay, call us today, let’s build.


    House Extension with Crest: Where Do We Start?

    When it comes to popular ways to increase the size and value of a property, house extensions lead the way, avoiding the hassle and cost of moving home. Legal fees, stamp duty, all add to those costs, and each is another reason house extensions in London are people’s key to staying in their homes. Where to start is the question for many when house extensions are discussed. With kitchen extensions, loft conversion London and rear extensions all options, marking the right decision means considering all options, whether a single or double story project is your preferred route. Your starting point for house extensions in London should be securing the services of professionals, to help with everything from planning permission to building regulations and the work itself.

    Will your extensions plans add value to your Property?

    House extensions in London are big projects, and with any big project doing research is critical. Whether kitchen extensions in London townhouses to a rear extension on a London terrace, working out the cost is key, and consulting the local market to see if any such work would add value to your property sale value. Any local real estate agent will be able to assess house extensions in your London area, giving you an idea about cost versus value, something our house extensions guide can also help you with.

    Consider Your Neighbours

    It’s not uncommon to hear about house extensions in London causing unwanted tension between neighbours. Whether kitchen extensions or loft extensions London properties, consulting local residents and direct neighbours, as well as gaining appropriate council planning permissions, can ensure that this kind of friction is avoided if possible. Informing neighbours about house extensions, kitchen extensions, or a rear extension on your London home is advisable before the council informs them of our planning request, especially with potential building disruptions possible.

    Setting your house extensions Budget

    House extensions in London are often determined by a budget, so setting that right at the start of our project is critical. Whether it’s stylish kitchen extensions or roomy loft conversions the size and storey number of our project will impact the cost, so must be carefully considered. Comparing quotes for house extensions in London can be done by itemising each line of outgoings, based on services and materials.

    Kitchen Extensions, Loft Extensions Rear Extension London
    Check how our House Extension Process looks like

    When it comes to house extensions in London, a site visit is a critical early element of every project. From kitchen extensions to dormer loft conversion London every client and project is different, so seeing every property before discussing all the options is essential. Our house extension builders in London know that customers each have a unique preference, which they will discuss with you to help create project plans and deliverables. Working closely with extension builders in London really can ensure you get the right team on your job.
    Creating the plan and design for house extensions in London is something clients and extensions builders work together on. From kitchen extensions in townhouses to loft conversion London on terraces, getting the best plans and the preferred solutions can make all the difference. House extensions in London can also be more cost effective with these vision brief discussions helping to set the budget. For kitchen extensions and loft extensions in London, for example, light, height, style, taste and comfort all play into what makes the perfect design. Our years of doing house extensions across London allow us to share and use our expertise to create a bespoke plan for your best solution, as well as helping with building planning and regulations.
    All house extensions in London require design, planning, and budget considerations. Home extensions of all kinds require assistance and approval from the council, building authorities, and knowledge of the area can determine value too. Home extensions in London frequently require full planning permissions, from kitchen extensions to loft extensions, so submitting full designs and plans can help this process along. For some home extensions in London, such as kitchen extensions or a rear extension, can be done within what is called “permitted development”, which can be combined with home extensions plans to maximise what you can get from your house extensions work. At Crest, our house extension builders in London have the expertise to achieve your desired results and deliver maximum benefits, and we’re always here to help.
    After everything is planned, approved, and budgeted, house extensions in London are all about the building process. From kitchen extensions to attic conversions London, finalising the details and getting the work underway can be tiring, but with our help, you’ll get there. Crest does home extensions across London that strive to minimize disruption and maximise results, a goal that always drives us to deliver the best.

    The Benefits of Building Instead of Moving

    If you need more space in your home, you can look for a bigger house, or you can take the often more practical and cost effective option represented by house extensions in London.

    Moving home is not only stressful, it relies on finding a new home you love, as well as a buyer for your property, both taking time, as well as arranging new mortgages. With house extensions, from loft extensions London to kitchen extensions and more, our customers can save time and money, and that’s before even considering the extra costs of moving such as taxes and legal fees.

    With well planned home extensions in London, problems that arise with house hunting and
    moving can be avoided. Whether it’s a space creating  rear extension at your townhouse,or loft conversion London at terraces, there are many benefits to enjoy.

    One of the many advantages or house extensions in London is that it can add value to your property, for example, in the London area, converting loft space of 300 (square feet) can add more than 20 percent to the average value of your home. Additionally, kitchen extensions and loft extensions in London can create really special family and entertainment spaces for people of all ages.

    Whether you’re looking at loft extensions, kitchen extensions, or even a large scale rear extension in your London home, things such as extending through a pitched roof or flat roof is also beneficial. Pitched roofing provides ample space in the attic area. On the other hand, flat roofing is more economical in terms of construction and materials.

    Designing a House is not only about adding space!

    When people consider house extensions in London, it is important to understand and consider the  external appearance of the extension and its effects on the landscape, townscape and neighbours.

    Whether it kitchen extensions in London townhouses or a rear extension in a London terraced property,  when restoring, changing or extending an existing building, a sympathetic approach is often needed to avoid minor changes that could damage an individual or group of buildings.

    With some home extensions at London properties planning permission is not always required, but where house extensions in London are subject to such approval, Crest Projects are here to help. Blending into a wider community is an important element when building house extensions in London, equally important in the city as this consideration in the countryside, hamlets, villages and towns.

    Whenever homeowners are looking to get house extensions in London, from loft extensions to kitchen extensions and beyond, It is always advisable to look at your residential area to see what types of house extensions your London neighbours have.

    For rear extensions and loft extensions London, for example, the scale and proportions of traditional house extensions in relation to the original building, the property boundary and the spaces around buildings are considerations.

    Neighbours are an important part of plans for all house extensions in London, as we at Crest Projects appreciate. From the size of loft extensions to the reach of rear extensions, London homeowners must consider implications for privacy, and how it affects other residents. House extensions on London homes should ideally look as if the two belong together, a seamless match between the original structure and the home extensions.

    How Much Does a House Extension with Crest

    When it comes to house extensions in London, one size does not fill all, rules and regulations are different for each borough, and costs can vary. With all our home extensions across London, we like to work closely with customers to get a big picture view of all this, especially the overall cost, before starting any work. Depending on the scale, whether kitchen extensions in London townhouses or a rear extension on a London terrace, timelines, prices and size, quality of materials must be considered.

    Each of our house extensions in London are driven by customer visions and specifications, are our extension builders in London make sure of that. For a no-commitment, direct and reliable quote for house extensions work in London, our quote calculator can help you on your decision making journey.

    For some house extensions in London, unforeseen costs could arise, which is why our professional extension builders in London always assess the site before starting any work, considering everything from added foundation costs, reinforced concrete slabs, drainage and unstable housing structures which may require underpinning, giving you a clear picture at all project stages.

    As home extensions experts in London, we advise customers to get several quotes for work, which will help you decide on the home extensions team that is best for you. Make sure that your house extension builders in London provide an estimate, a great starting point for your work.

    How Much Does a Loft Conversion Cost? 

    If you want additional living space but can’t afford moving to a larger property, loft conversions London built are a way to add more space without having the expense and stress of moving to another larger property. The cost of loft conversions are dependent upon the size of the loft, the cost of materials and the hire fee of the loft conversions London contractors. At Crest projects our fees are very competitive and we will discuss material fees at the beginning of the project, there will be no hidden extras.

    Secure your House Extension
    Planning Permission Easily

    We’ve been building house extensions in London and around the UK for many years, so we know how complex and stressful planning applications can be. Our in-house experts know all the ins and outs of UK planning law for home extensions in London, with experience that can help you navigate the planning process and take the stress out of the process. Our years of industry experience allows us to help with kitchen extensions, and all home extensions in London, getting the right solutions to successfully get planning permission for your home extension and make the most of your investment.

    Choose Best Loft Conversion Company

    Loft extensions projects add value to your property, space to your home and transform lofts from areas full of unused objects to spacious, airy multipurpose spaces.

    At Crest Projects we can help with the design process by suggesting different designs and ideas, or help you turn your own ideas into a physical reality. Whether it be a stylish luxury en-suite bedroom, a recreation room for the kids or a state of the art modern office. We have the expertise to make it happen.

    Before construction, there are decisions to make and questions to answer. Is planning permission required? What is the time scale? Will your budget cover all the work? You also need to consider how the conversion will disrupt your family’s routine and affect your neighbours. This can be a stressful process. We will deal with most of these questions and save you stress and headaches.

    We are the best loft conversion company London has to offer. All of our contractors are experienced, efficient and exceptionally skilled. Their work is performed to outstanding standards and they will follow the specification and designs that you have chosen, So you know you will get the exact perfect result you imagine.


    Why is air conditioning important in loft conversions?

    A loft conversion that is built without considering heating and ventilation requirements creates an uncomfortable space. A loft that is not well ventilated can become the hottest place in your home. Our professionals at Crest know how to make a newly constructed loft space temperate and cozy all year long. Using modern insulation products, and affordable air conditioning units, we can make sure that your new loft conversion London is comfortable in any season. Thanks to our experience we are the best loft conversion company across London, as shown by numerous reviews.

    How much does an air conditioning for loft conversion cost?

    When it comes to a loft conversion London and air conditioning it can often be an expensive project. There are many things that determine the price of air conditioning at lofts, such as the size and scale of the loft, and preferred features requested by the client. As a highly experienced loft conversion London company our professional advice is on hand to help you learn how to maximise your air conditioning and ventilation as well as your budget. Our quotes that are itemised and fixed, making us a truly competitive option.